About us


Moti Avrahami

Moti has over 25 years experience in the software industry. At Highnet he is responsible for Sales, Marketing and Customer Relationships. In a company devoted to customer care and intensely focused on customer needs and requirements, Moti plays a vital part in the strategic development of Highnet products. Under Moti's leadership, Highnet has become one of Israel’s most appreciated software vendors. Prior to founding Highnet Systems, Moti worked for Lantop Systems where he was a vice president, responsible for the Services & Support team.

From 1983-1997, Moti served as team leader and support engineer for HP (Israel).

Arik Ben-Dov

With more than 25 years of software development experience, Arik Ben-Dov is responsible for all R&D activities, stratigic direction and for guiding the company as it expands into international markets.

Before founding Highnet Systems, Arik was Vice President, R&D for Lantop Systems, where he managed a team that built Command & Control software solutions. Prior to that, Arik served as a System Analyst and Consultant for HP (Israel). Arik served in the Israeli Defense Force Communications Corp from 1985-1991 as a software engineer and team leader.

Arik received his B.Sc. in Computer Science, Math and Economics from Bar-Ilan University (Tel Aviv, Israel).