SNS++ (Smart Notification System )
Advanced notification management platform makes sure your incidents are eliminated faster

Designed to help you keep your IT environment up and running with minimal resources, SNS++ provides advanced notification management, on call scheduling with automated escalations, IT task automation and even case management. SNS++ consolidates alerts from an unlimited number of sources, notifies designated persons accordingly, eliminating the risk of unattended notifications and shortening downtime.

Installed in minutes, SNS++ is very easy to use and is used by both large enterprises and small to medium businesses.


Filter, route and escalate notifications from multiple sources -

  • Centralize an unlimited number of notification sources - Handle any type of notification from any management system, monitoring solution or any other notification source


  • Advanced Filtering - Automated elimination of duplicate notifications and blocking lower priority notifications & alerts by using sophisticated rules. For example, according to various attributes of the message data such as the Alert/Message Initiator, Sender, Day Of Week and/or the content of previously received messages


  • On Call Scheduling, Routing and Escalations - Define person on call and escalation paths to make sure your notifications get to the right person and if not then they are escalated automatically

Automate tasks in response to notifications –

Define actions or commands that can be executed on any computer with an SNS++ agent. The execution of these actions can be done via an email message, a web browser, or from a cellular phone via SMS message

Built in ticketing system helps your stay on top of critical incidents -

Automatically open tickets in the built in ticketing system to track, assign, document and close critical incidents. This way you're always on top of what is going on and important data related to incidents always stays recorded.

Why SNS++ ?

Easy Easy Easy

Within minutes you too can take control and own all your alerts and notifications from unlimited sources and make sure the right person handles each incident at the right priority

Reduce downtime

Make sure incidents are handled at the right priority, saving on down time and improving the level of service

Free up your time

With one control platform for your alerts, task automation, smartphone application and potential hardware sensors you'll improve incident handling and free up your team for more important tasks

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