Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

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This observation was reached by one of the smartest men ever lived, Leonardo de Vinci and it emphasize one of our design goals. Many software systems, especially enterprise software systems, tend to be very complex, competition drives developers to add more and more features and in many cases more is not better.

The goal is to provide a solution that will enable advance and needed capabilities while keeping the solution simple, simple to install, integrate, maintain and yes, simple as possible to develop and support.

Keeping software architecture and design organized and simple to maintain allow our development team to continue and develop SNS++ constantly adding new, advance features giving answers to our customers needs, this gives the following advantages:

Upgrades are simple to be done – One of the most annoying problems in enterprise software is that upgrading to new versions tends to be complex requiring lots of resources. Investing in keeping SNS++ simple to manage also reflects on upgrades, it usually takes minutes to upgrade and it is done automatically, the user just need to execute the upgrade process and after few minutes their system is upgraded and running.

Software stability – Good and Simple design keeps the software stable and reliable it is important to any software and critical in management software

Adaptation – It is not important to add features to the solution, it is important to add features users need, want and will use, keeping this simple and matching the design guidelines make it simple to adopt and implement new features without the need for costly trainings and consulting services.

Making sure it is simple to upgrade also help Highnet Systems support team, as most of SNS++ customers are selecting support and upgrades plan and implement the upgrades supporting become simpler.

It requires many efforts to keep things simple yet keep enhancing SNS++ and this as result makes it possible to make SNS++ the advance and sophisticated solution it is.