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Last time I discussed our vision as a roadmap that can be achieved only by adding true value to our customers.

Our focus has been on midsize organizations that have already deployed management or monitoring systems but still encountered challenges in making sure that the right alert went to the right person in the organization at the right time.

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Today after seven years of operation with some of the leading financial services, telecom, healthcare companies and government organizations as our clients, we are proud of following our vision.

The challenges

When talking to customers and experts several issue or pains stands out:

  • Management & Monitoring systems are very complex systems
  • Managing alerts is difficult, usually done in self developed solutions (usually scripts based) or in monitoring systems scripts. This is difficult to implement and even more difficult to maintain
  • In many cases alerts are not delivered to the right person, in some cases too many people gets the alert and others important people don’t get the alerts
  • Alerts are “lost in space” because no one takes ownership on the issue
  • Stuff is overloaded with alerts

SNS++ - The solution

In developing SNS++ we focused on providing answers to all the challenges, our advance technology gives answers to customers’ actual pains, but stay simple to use.

We focused and focusing on:

Advance Routing – Automatically build the alert distribution list. Giving the customer tool to make sure each alert is routed to the right recipients according to the information that the recipient wants and need to get according to the alert content and attributes like time, source etc.

Quality – Escalation and High Availability features to ensure alerts generated by management and monitoring systems are delivered to recipients and to take ownership on the alerts.

Simplicity of Use (Integration, Management and Maintenance) – One issue that came up time after time in our talks with customers is that management & monitoring systems are very complex, they don’t need more system that will add more complexity.

simple to a point

Complete solution – Notification system must handle all the aspects of notification management (filtering, routing, delivering, monitoring, updating)

Value – Customers don’t want you to start counting the number of monitoring systems they have, recipients, users, rules etc. they want a solution that answer their problems

Performance – Notification system must scale, it can handle daily usage but also high volume of alerts

Focusing on the above make SNS++ the best notification solution available enhancing every management and monitoring solution.

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