EL AL Reduce Downtime through Advanced Notification Management

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EL AL Israel Airlines Uses SNS++ from Highnet Systems to Enhance CA Unicenter and Other Management Systems

EL AL, Israel's national airline, flies to more than 40 destinations from Israel and serves dozens of other destinations throughout the world via partnerships with many other carriers. The airline has around 6,000 employee world-wide, annual revenues of about $1.7 billion and carries more than 1.9 million passengers every year.


In order to provide the highest quality of service and operational accuracy, systems availability is crucial to EL AL. For this reason IT personnel need to have a complete view of all IT system components and were being challenged to deliver alerts and notifications generated by CA Unicenter along with other systems. The ability to deliver consolidated alerts to the right people at the right time, along with an automated escalation process was crucial in order to reduce overall downtime.

EL AL turned to Highnet Systems in 2005 to deliver a solution that would monitor each and every IT system and ensure that the right people receive the right information in real-time. EL AL was able to fully integrate with the CA Unicenter system and with several other systems providing a complete and sophisticated notification management solution.

Highnet Systems and it’s SNS++ solution has enabled EL AL to significantly increase the uptime of critical systems, and to offer a high quality of service and operational accuracy by preventing system downtime and delivering on the promise of high system availability by providing just some of the following capabilities:

  • Automated distribution of important business intelligence
  • Ensuring that each notification is delivered to the appropriate device of the right person at the right time
  • Reducing and eliminating false and duplicate alerts
  • Integrating legacy and closed systems with the central CA Unicenter management system

To download the full EL AL Customer Success Story please click here.