Turn an Alert into a Smart Notification – With an Attachment!

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At Highnet Systems we maintain close contact with our customers and partners to learn what they would like to see added or changed in our alert and notification management solutions. Our customers know more about their needs than we do!

One request that we have repeatedly heard is the ability to attach a file to a notification. We are pleased to announce that as of the next release this feature is available in SNS++.

More and more our customers are using SNS++ to deliver smart notifications. It became logical that as more intelligence was being provided with these notifications, that the need to attach a file would emerge. This facility (to be sent to email recipients only at this time) opens a new way to share knowledge within the organization and provides richer information to team members and recipients, thereby allowing them to take the right action much quicker.

Some usage examples may include the following:

  • Share additional information associated with the notification, such as log files, resolution procedures, performance graphs, etc.
  • Link the associated information with the need to give access to the initiating platform, making it more secure.
  • Save time by providing quick and easier access to relevant information.
  • Open a wide range of possibilities to use SNS++ as an information distribution system.
  • Create an event driven information distribution system. For example, as a result of an alert, a specific piece of information is automatically distributed to a specific group of recipients.

We are excited to hear from our customers how they are utilizing the SNS++ notification attachment feature, so please share this with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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