Eliminating Redundant Alerts through Advanced Notification Management

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IT staff are often inundated with hundreds of alerts and messages from multiple sources every day. How do they sort through this mess and ensure that they are only handling the important ones? In reality, without the help of some form of automation, this is practically impossible. Suppressing some messages at the source helps somewhat, but doesn't ensure that the right messages are getting to the right people at the right time.


What is needed is a sophisticated alert filtering module that will help ensure that you receive only true alerts. This facility must gives the user the ability to introduce sophisticated message handling rules that will alter the way a specific message is handled.

For example, take specific action according to various attributes of the message data such as the Alert/Message Initiator, Sender, Day of Week and/or the content of previously received messages. The filtering module should also provide the ability to block repetitive or correlated alerts. The ability to automatically generate new messages or even execute a specific task in response to a received alert is also a key requirement.

Advance routing engine that will allow routing alerts according to their relevance to the recipient/user. This makes sure that every alert is routed to the people interested in that alert and only to them

For an example route alert to specific recipient only if the alert severity reaches certain level and the alert is about specific service on specific machine, and automatically escalate according to alert relevance with option to notify recipients when the issue is resolved.

Highnet Systems SNS++ delivers all of this and more. It’s simple, intuitive interface allows for quick implementation and the quickest ROI in the business!