Advanced Notification Management vs. Thousands of Alerts

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Every management system and application has the ability to generate alerts. Most organizations have multiple applications and even multiple management systems. The result? Thousands of alerts every day. Many of them meaningless because they are purely informational duplicated or provide information that has already been communicated.


Many attempts have been made to improve the quality of the alerts and to eliminate message redundancy. Unfortunately, much of this work is done either within the application or within the management system. This is not going to solve the problem. What is needed is a central means of consolidating all alerts and messages that also automatically and intelligently filters and eliminates redundant messages.

These functions have the ability to turn alerts and messages into intelligent notifications that communicate meaningful, actionable information to recipients. The next key step is smart routing to ensure that the right messages (and only the right messages) actually reach the right recipients (and only the right recipients).

Final step -- notification escalation. This ensures that if a message is not received or if action is not taken in a timely fashion, the notification is escalated to the next person or persons.

Sound impressive and needed? Every IT organization should have these facilities implemented. And, it is possible to get all of this in a single solution that it easy to implement, easy to manage and won't break the bank!